Level 3 Assignment 1 Failing Evaluation - Need clarification to pass

I Completed the level 3 assignment 1 and tested my project successfully updated every work item and marked status as completed. I uploaded my zip file of entire solution and got 20/100. I couldn’t that could be accurate. So, I searched the community and noticed others were having the same problem. One person suggested to remove the simulate type and I tried that. Then, I got 30/100. I assumed that maybe something was wrong with my uploads so I used the video option without making any change to the project. I got 50/100. With no code change, the robotic evaluations are different when I upload a file vs video. However, I know the project works because I manually checked every item. Can I get an explanation of have a human evaluation of my project.


  1. Have you hard coded any values ?
  2. Have you used any external file reference to read input or write output ?
  3. Don’t reset ACME system data until evaluation completed.

Thanks for your response.

  1. I did not hard code any values and I uploaded my entire folder with all files so they can be checked.
  2. I followed the steps provided to use the REFramework and nothing else was used. Just as instructed to read the work items from the ACME System 1 website.
  3. I am waiting on the way forward because I am now stuck at this point and I want to move forward and complete so I can do the certification exam.

What is the problem statement you got?

I am not getting any errors. Everything executes just fine and manually checked as correct and all WI5 work items updated to completed and correct hash code in comment. I don’t understand why my result is 50/100 for video upload showing everything was completed. And when I upload file I get 30/100 or 20/100.

May be the issue is in the Hash generation. For the first record hash will be empty. But from second record onwards there will be a hash already in the placeholder. when you click on Generate button filling all the details, system takes a second to generate it. If you have specified your activities as interactive, BOT will jump into the next activity(reading generated hash). Thus it might read the previous hash that was generated.
Give delay of a second once you click generate button and see the result.

Madhavi please help me too…