Level 3 - assignment 1 error


I am facing issues with my assignment 1 - Calculating client security hash. Could some one please help me. attached screenshot for your reference. Client ID Name and Country details are not getting printed in the SHA1 online and no has code. I shows does not exist in the SHA1 online.

I think data scraping work wrong. you should check Extract datatable value using Debug mod.

Now am getting this error

If you look at the error message, you can’t find an email field to enter your login information. It is assumed that the ACME Test screen is off. Is there a logic to close interExplorer in the workflow order?

In addition, there is no reason to obtain the hash code in the flow and log in again.

Could you please share your workflow?

Hi @Jagadesh2494,

Using Get text scrap the information and assign a output value (for example : clientinformation)


Use 3 assign activity like below

First one

Second one

Third One

then use write range and check


And pass that arguments over here


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Thats it,

Hi Buddy,

Thanks for the reply but i already did this

Than problem is in your get text


Use this in your attach browser selector


And use this in your get text


Thanks buddy :slight_smile:

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Yours most welcome dude. If you like my solutions please like and If you find it useful mark it as solution and close the thread.

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