Level 3 Assignment 1 Calculate Client Security Hash: Datarow transition

I have been facing issues in Array transition which is related to TransactionNumber, out_TransactionItem. I have applied few of the techniques but it didn’t appear to be solved.
My main issue is when ever the workflow runs it leaves out either the last “Client security hash” or the one in the middle, first etc.

Techniques which i have applied:

1st Technique: I kept TransactionNumber = 0 and out_TransactionItem = dt_WorkItem(in_TransactionNumber) [Here dt_Workitem is my table for “open” and “Client Security hash” selected from the data scapping from the workitem in acme site]
Problem with Technique 1 : It leaves some client data in the middle oder of array and most of client data is recieved

2nd Technique: I kept TransactionNumber = 1 and out_TransactionItem = dt_WorkItem(in_TransactionNumber-1). The Transaction process starts at 2 and leave last client data

I am stuck here what to do so that every data read and store hash code

Thank you.