Level 3 Assignment 1 Browser Identification

I have spent considerable amount of time rereading the instructions and it appears that there should be two browsers open simultaneously for the Acme and the SHA1 sites. However I have had issues after the InitAllApplications is invoked.

In the Process Transaction state another flow navigates the already open Acme Home page to the Client Details page. This navigation always selects the “SHA1 browser” to the Acme login page. I can’t figure out why it is attaching to that instance of the browser despite highlighting the Acme selector chosen (Highlighting properly after validation). I see that browser variables can be used but I want to do this per the instructions given.

Yah… I had the same problem. So that I didn’t use InitAllApplication.xmal any stage and all the sha1.xmals are used only in Process Transaction.

I think I would be days ahead if I just made it work. I wanted to do the same thing but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t “missing” anything by doing a workaround. Moving forward I think I need to just get it done my way and then circle back. I’d be done a week earlier!