Level 3 Assignment 1 - Application opened twice


I followed the assignment 1 walkthrough – Calculate Client Security Hash and get into the system 1 web app has been logined twice. After review my code and compare with walkthrough, I found it is caused by following statement.

The system 1 has been logined within Init State.
And then logined again within InitAllApplications.xaml

is the walkthrough correct? can someone help?

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You have to invoke the login process inside initallapplications as per instruction, no need to do twice, you can remove the one invoked in init state.

*Always be careful about the variable and arguments mapping


Hi Meg,

Thanks for your information and it solved my doubt.

In the end, after I completed the whole assignment I just realize the login process within init_state is for the purpose of scraping all work items and it only happen during the first time running of the automation. If we put the scraping work within the InitAllApplications.xaml, then the scraping work will repeat everytime the exception occurred.

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