Level 3 assignement 1

Hello RPA Experts,

Can you please help me understand this part in the workflow[as shown in the screenshort].


Actually ‘OrchestratorQueueName’ is an argument in the Main scope used in the older versions that is before 2018.3 version
So if you still are using that argument by setting its default value as your queue name then the process will overwrite the value that you have in your Config file.

If nothing, in config and default, it will be blank.

OrchestratorQueueName is the name of the queue which is stored in Config file right??

Both Main and Config actually.
If you check your Main arguments tab you will find this argument there.
As a default it is there in Config file but you dont need to use it. You can remove it and create your own parameters like it is asked in the assignment to create a variable for InHouse_Process4.

So there you can use that same one or you can remove it and create a new one.
You can also remove it from your code if you think that logic is redundant for your use-case