Level 3 assigment issue? reference to : Attach browser System 1 work item

Hello there, well the section or the guide its asking me to create two arguments ( I have no idea what names for them) but they must be a integer and a string the end result on a NAVIGATE TO

Activity is : in_System1_URL+“work-items/”+ in_WIID

Can someone explain me whats going on here? I did create the same arguments but its giving me an error with the blue sign on my Navigate to action , i am assuming the error its because we are adding a String into a Integer? How can i fix this ! i am almost done with the assigment and i really want to keep it up!

Hi @StormNotes_TBNE
Since In_WIID is an integer it must be converted to string to concatenate it

but is that correct? in the guide never say’s something about that action i know we can pull that one up but the guide does not says anything about it at least in that part, aint this wrong or wont be a assue?