Level 3 - Assigment 1 - If the value cannot be null

Hi, let me know you my problem. I’m doing the assigment 1 of the level 3. I created these arguments in my “invoke Extract Data Table” :

  • out_WorkItems_DataTable > out > Data Table > WorkItems_DataTable (Default value)
  • out_WorkItemsList > out > Data Row > WorkItemsList (Default value)

And these in my “Invoke Get Transaction Data” :

  • in_WorkItemsList > in > Data Row > WorkItemsList (Default value)
  • And others…

But when i want to have the count of WorkItemsList in Get Transaction Data, i have this error : The value cannot be null

For more informations:

I created the variable WorkItemsList in my main and when i calculate the count of WorkItemsList after my extract, i have a result. So my Assign works to recover the WorkItemList with a type of WI5 and an open status.

Please, help me :slight_smile: and don’t hesitate if you need more informations.