Level 3 Assigment 1 Help Please

Where do I read the information with data scraping if I do not use the orchestrator as a medium?
my pdf is in spanish

We started with a simple implementation to demonstrate the REFramework without
use Orchestrator Queues (queues).
o Take a look at the input data (list of queued items); we can
extract the entire table with the Data Scraping wizard.
o The transaction element is a line of data in the list. The same approach is
applies when the input is a data table extracted from spreadsheets
Excel, CSV files and databases.


I don’t know if the current ReFramework version supports it without queues. From my experience, I needed to remove that state or replace it. I’m not particularly fond of using counters, so I typically would use a Read or Data Scrape followed by a For each inside the Process state to process all the data. However, there are other options.

I would suggest you check out this idea on using the ReFramework without Queues:

or also do some searches for other ideas.

I hope this helps.



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