Level 3 assigment 1 does not work properly

Hello, i am very frustrated with this assigment 1, i already did all what the document says but my robot does not work. System 1 login runs ok and extract the datatable, but then suddenly close the page, copy the items details in sha1 webpage, close it and restart the login and scrapping of the items againl. I think my issue is in the main.xaml file, specifically in the init, in the sequence of steps. Please heeeeeelp!!!

try debugging the flow, i suspect the problem is happening due to some error and it is re-initiallizing after killing all process.

Identify the pain point first, then it will be easier.


HI @gcruzonq,

Would be glad to help. But if you can specify what exactly the issue is, it will be great to pin point to the root cause. The issue is not exactly clear… As @Sheshrocks, try debugging the workflow by adding few break points, in the INIT, GetTransactionData & Process States. Do the debugging using step by step method to easily understand what is going on in your flow. Using this method will help you find where the errors are generated, and what is the cause to suddenly close the browser…

The other thing which I noticed from what you said is, why are you trying to login to the application for every transaction you update after generating the hash key? I think that is not a good idea as it increases the number of times you login and is not required… This is not related to the issue though, I’m just trying to give an idea to improve that… :slight_smile:
You can login once in the INIT state, and leave it there until all the records are processed. and once you are done, at the very end, log out from the system and close the browser…

However that’s just a thought… and would be good if you implement in that way from my point of view… You may have a different purpose to have it like that :slight_smile:

Getting back to the issue you mentioned, could you tell us what exactly is going on so we can help you out?


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Thanks, i will do that, i will text you later to check what i am showing.