Level 3 Advanced Training

Hello, I’m already a few days ago doing the Progress Execution level 3
when I run it on my machine it works without problems but when I upload it to the platform it does not calipher anything can help me thank you

do you get any specific error?

Not one says only Total Items: 11 Completed Items: 11 Correct Items: 0

Hi @cristian_urrego

Did you reseted the test data from the acme site?

Because you should not do that one


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It seems that it is this Selector that does not read and therefore does not take the value of the emerging window.

I leave the flow of work in case you can check it

<html app = ‘chrome.exe’ />
<ctrl role = ‘dialog’ />

GetUploadID.xaml (8.6 KB)

refer this,

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