Level 3 - Advanced Training Walkthrough

HI!! I started with the academy last week and enrolled into the developer course. I have finished and mostly understood all other 8 courses, but I just can not seem to get this one right.
I do not understand the walkthrough (link above), as it is to vague and leaves me with a non functioning Process and with a million questions. Did anyone else have the same problem and knows how to deal with it???

Welcome to the Community @davidm21

For some reason, I’m unable to open the PDF as the link as I’m running into a 401 unauthorized error.

Also, your question is extremely generic and vague. Do you have any specific questions?

FYI, the UiPath Walkthroughs are general guides. They will help you get there almost 80% of the way. They do require a couple of reads sometimes. That said, they’re designed to throw challenges your way.


First of all, thanks for your reply Andy.
To be less vague, my problem lies within the first few steps. In the init file of the state machine, the task is to invoke a Config.xslx file so that you do not have to hard code values like a path/file name. But even though I follow the walkthrough`s instructions, the UiRobot can not find and read the config file

have you get any error in output panel? if yes send screenshot please



Can you please see if this post can help?

Thanks a lot, that was the problem!!

:+1: :slight_smile:

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