Level 3 Advanced Training - UiDemo - what is the app supposed to do?


In the UiDemo excercise of the Level 3 Advanced Training: what is the app supposed to do?
When I click the Accept button, Cash In, On Us Check and Not On Us Check get blanked out and Total deposit is reset to $0.00.

The values in the Type-Amount grid stay 0.00 all the time.

Is this what it is supposed to do???


I believe clicking “Accept” is doing nothing. This application is just for typing and reading data from. “Accept” is actually resetting providen data, so you can enter the new one.
Type-Amount grid also is useless here.
From what I can remember, in those exercises you will only have to type data into Cash In/ On Us Check / Not On Us check, clicking Cancel/Accept, scraping current data and time from the application, saving Account or Transaction numbers, and generally that’s it regarding this application.
It’s just for simple simulation of some other applications.