Level 3 advanced training UiDemo dispatcher sequence problem (In case anyone has the same problem)


I’m just starting the advanced training exercises. The first thing is the dispatcher sequence which is not working for me.

In the documentation it says to create an add queue item activity and then fill in the queue name field which I have done (quTransactions)


I tried all sorts of things but kept getting the following message


The issue was that the queue name that has been set up already in orchestrator has to be passed to the ‘add queue item’ activity as a string in quotation marks. (The documentation made no mention of that)

So it should be


There is no solution file to check off against which isn’t really very helpful.

Hey @charliefik,

You are expected to know the little details upto now that you cleared the first two levels! :wink:
There’ll be plenty such encounters where the walkthrough won’t give you a straightforward answer,you’ll have to pay attention to detail and keep going :slight_smile:


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Hi @charliefik,
If you get stuck, perhaps the workflows from this thread may help you:

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Thanks @PAD. When I’ve completed the advanced training I’m definitely going to have a go at the challenges as they seem to be a great way to reinforce the knowledge and introduce new techniques also it’s very useful to see how other people might deal with various problems. Many thanks, for the link.