Level 3 Advanced Training - missing _Test.xaml file

I’m getting the error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when I try to just test the Initialize All Applications sequence. Have checked all of the possible fixes listed here. Everything looks like it should.

The walkthrough instructions say to use the _Test.xaml file to test InitAllApplications.

Where is this file?? Is it supposed to be the RunAllTests.xaml? I’ve looked in every folder and have no _Test.xaml file.

Ummm. Try creating a new project using the REFramework Template inside Studio. This will give you all the workflows, then you can just copy it over.


Thanks, Clayton! I had no idea that’s what we were supposed to use. I thought they meant to just use the Main process in the downloaded UiPath REFramework folder. I appreciate the fast reply.

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