Level 3 - Advanced Training Info required

Is “Level 3 - Advanced Training” available through company sponsor only or can I just do it online after completing level 1&2?
I am a bit discouraged by reading through few forums that “Level 3 - Advanced Training” can be completed by going through the company sponsor only.
I don’t have company sponsor option and can’t attend physical classes. Can only do it online.

Hi @nalinbmw,

You can do the Level 3 - Advanced Training online through the RPA Academy.


Thanks Aleiva. So you are saying that I don’t need to go through company
sponsor as is being highlighted at Free RPA Courses - Robotic Process Automation Training | UiPath
Can you please let me know the procedure too for that? i.e. will that be
completely online including all the phases? whatever project/assignments I
do as a part of level 3, how will they be assessed by UiPath academy? And,
what’s the fee for Level 3?
Just trying to get a grip on the course procedure.


The uipath academy is completely free.
Now it has advanced couse also. This got added after nov 2017.
You might have gone through posts which were older than this date.

So you can do all courses available on uipath academy for free.

There could be more advanced trainings which uipath offer for enterprises. However, to initiate learning going through academy is more than enough.
Latter you can learn by working and solving problems posted by forum members.


how did you install orchestrator required for lvl 3 training assignment

Hi @Sasank,