Level 3 - Advanced Training Calculate Client Security Hash: Selectors issue


I’m doing the level 3 training just to refresh some knowledge prior to re do the certification exam and I found that there is a problem with the selectors of the SHA1 website: not possible to fin them while running the process but possible to find them once the process has been stopped.

I’m trying to attach the video with the issue but I’m not allowed to upload files. I think this can be a critical problem because this MUST work always and not few times.

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Hi @Gonzalo_Arias,
You must remember to work in Attach Browser activity - You can use Web recording to take correct flow.
Attach Type into Activity in Attach Browser

Pay attention to the selector so that it clearly indicates the field, but it is flexible enough to recognize the place each time the page is reloaded.

Hello Adrian,

The attach was correctly done and the problem was not there. In order to avoid misunderstandings, I’ve uploaded a video with this error to my google drive, so you can check it.

Thank you very much.


Maybe the selector is too simple. Try to add more data that can clearly indicate the place.
<webctrl tag='SPAN' aaname='*' id='result-sha1' parentid='sha1-title' />

Read the file below. I tested this solution on Chrome and it worked in a loop properly.

GetHash.xaml (10,0 KB)