Level 3 Advanced Training Assignment no. 1

@Carla_Marie_Barte Your Workflow Worked Fine for me when i removed Message Boxes and Go Back Activity, Please Check the Workflow if it is running fine after removing these Activities

its fine
is it updatin while running the bot??

The same I can’t get the correct item to pass the level 3 advanced training in uipath academy :frowning:

i am facing the same issue…the workflow runs absolutly fine in my system when i uload it shows failed.Kindly let me know what has to be done.

@meghana_menon Have you Check the Training Assignment Result in Account Option In ACME as Shown in the Image Below :

it shows failed.I dont know why…i am using browser as chrome does that effect the assignment?

Try with IE browser

@meghana_menon Actually I have done my Assignments with Chrome, and I was able to pass :sweat_smile:, You may have to Check if you are Trimming the Values of Client ID, Client Name and Client Country after Extracting, Also Need to Check if the Extraction is happening properly or not. Make Sure you make use of Trim for String values wherever you are using in the Workflow. Also Follow the Walkthrough properly.