Level 3 Advanced Training - Assignment 2

Hi all,

I have developed the level-3 assignment-2 as per the guidelines mentioned in the documents. While running “Performer” I am experiencing the following -

It runs extremely slow, save as combo-box click takes around 2 minutes to click
Process runs fine while downloading monthly report for first Vendor TaxID, however, It gets faulted on either Type into Vendor TaxID or clicking save as combo-box on the second TaxID. I have tried re-run the process and came across the same error.

Not sure how to fix it :thinking:

@anjankum can you share the screenshot of the error

It does not throw any error but the process stops. in the output it says “Type into” or Combo-click got faulted

Open the same web page manually, and then try to validate the selectors of type into.