Level 3 Advanced Training Assignment 1 - Calculate Client Security Hash - Cannot find UI Element

Please ensure TransactionData is not null at this stage.

I think you are assigning the result of dataScraping into TransactionData. Ensure the arguments are mapped correctly from the invoked workflows.

Hi @gulab

I tried this:

And it still didn’t work. :frowning:


Hi, @SowmyaLeo, @gulab,

I think I know the problem now:
It seems that the bot is already closing the application before attaching the close sequence:
I’m assuming the bot is closing it because it already encountered an error, can you guys help me debug this?


The issue is here:

The dataTable is extracted into the ExtractDataTable variable, but this has not been assigned to dt_WorkItems output argument, so when dt_WorkItems is mapped with TransactionData it is set to null.

Please change ExtractDataTable to dt_WorkItems and try.

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It finally worked, thanks @SowmyaLeo!

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