Level 3 - Advanced Training - Assigment 2- link Init & Get Transaction Data

extractWorkItemstoExcel.xaml (9.1 KB) GetTransactionData.xaml (7.8 KB)

Main.xaml (49.5 KB) WorkItemsOutput.xlsx (12.6 KB)

Guys I’m stuck on assigment #2.

It work fine for iniitial steps:

  • read config
  • import credentials from Orchestrator
  • open and navigate to ACME System1 and then to Work Items
  • opens SHA1 website
  • scrapes WI to WorkItemsOutput.xlsx
  • uses FilterDataTable action to write down only WI5 items in same file, separate spreadsheet (“Arkusz1” in my case)

So far so good…

Can you please have a look at my xaml. files?
I’m certainly missng:

  • a link to connect WorkItemstoExcel^1 with InitAllApplications^2 (please see the highleghted area on screenshot - I guess I should create output argument at 1 and import it as input argument to 2?)
  • as suggeted in previous posts in GetTransactionData.xaml ^3 I tried to print out in_WIList.Count and in_TransactionNumber to MessageBox to check if there’s data inside, but it seems they’re empty (null)
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Hi @anna.brych,
Your assumptions are ok. Have you checked what walkthrough is saying about it?

Hi @Pablito, thanks for reply. And yes, I’ve read the walkthrough, today I will try a different approach and get back to you with outcome.

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