Level 3 - Advanced Training - 404 Error. File not found

I have problem with finishing “Generate Yearly Report” practice because i got 404 error when trying to download monthly reports. I belive it is not a problem of not existing report for specific vendor/year/month because for some months i got a message “No reports found for that vendor/year/month” and for some i got 404 error or its downloading empty file “Report-Vendor-year-month.csv” with 404 error inside.
Does anyone else have such problems with https://www.acme-test.com ?
Could you please post here an example csv of monthly report ?


To change the browser type Google chrome.

I got a same issue.after I change the browser type in Google chrome. Is working fine.

Generate_Yearly_Report_PDD.pdf also should be updated imo. It says that robot should download all monthly reports for current year and in detailed description it says it should download all reports for 2017. Im confused what reports should be downloaded to compleate that task.

Thank You for information , could you please attach here any report?
When Ive changed it to chrome an empty file is downloaded with 404 error inside.

Reseting data (USER Options → Reset Test Data) fixed the problem.

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Hello, I cannot reset the data in USER options, It is written there that it takes up to 1 minute but I’ve waited up to 10 or more minutes and nothing happend - it stops in half of the time and does not reach the end of the resetting. Now I do not even see any of the work items at all. Can you someone help on this please?

Once Logout and try to reset the data @radovan.bordovsky

I have done that still when I want to reset data It does not complete
See the screen

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I too faced the same issue.I left it for a few minutes.The test data was reset successfully @radovan.bordovsky