Level 3 Advanced assignment 3 problem

Please check my work flow
The data work id is not being fetched and not entering into sha1-online code. please helpClient Security Hash.zip (1.0 MB)

The problem that you are facing is that you cant get the report of the month ?

Also, remember to use .trim to erase the blank spaces inside the generator

Hey @Pablo_Sanchez

Do not post a whole exercise solution :slight_smile: it will be helpful for others if you will guide them or give them a logical hint :slight_smile:

They will learn it in a positive manner :slight_smile:

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Hi @aksh1yadav thats true, sorry :sweat_smile:

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Give a little more detailed view of the issues, will be helpful for providing a solution.

this is what the error i am facing and unable to solve

Sorry, this I have already done. but this not one that is creating the problem

You have to disable activities in SetTransactionStatus.xaml, just leave this enabled as far as Client Security HashCode assignment is concerned


Which increments TransactionNumber


is your in_TransactionItem a QueueItem variable? and the variable that you are passing through it also must be queueitem

In the first instructions given, have you updated the Transaction item type in Main, GetTransactionData and SetTransactionStatus
Recheck, SetTransactionStatus variable expects a type which you are not passing.
If dataRow make it Datarow type

Thanks guys I got it solved!