Level 3 - Advanced - Assignment 1 : Evaluation Issue

I see all of the entries updated correctly on the Acme System 1 site. I do not see any spaces/errors in the hash code entered when I updated the work item. I submitted the zipped workflow for evaluation and got 0/100 with 0 correct items.

Can anyone help me spot what I am overlooking?Level3_Advanced1_CalcClientSecHash_Submission1.zip (533.5 KB)

Hi estanley,
Can you send us screen shots of the usecase.


The use case is documented in the two attached PDF documents.WI5 - Calculate Client Security Hash.pdf (1.2 MB) 2.Calculate_Client_Security_Hash_Walkthrough_Short_v1.0.pdf (784.6 KB)

I found the issue. I had incorrectly entered in the hash code entry value. I removed these and then all entries passed.