Level 3 Advance Training - System1_Extract_DataTable - Issue while assigning values from datatable

Hey All,
I am facing issue in System1_Extract_DataTable which assigning values. Refer error message. It seems data table not returning any values even I after I reset data on ACME System1 site. Will please help me to solve this issue?


You’re probably not initializing the DataTable variable that you’re using in System1_Extract_DataTable.
If you’re using the Data Scrapping wizard, it’ll initialize it for you (ExtractDataTable = New System.Data.DataTable), but if you’re scrapping it manually, you need to initialize it yourself.

Thank you @Mateus_Cruz for your quick help.
Yes, I was scrapping manually so now I initialize data table as suggested by you and it resolve my issue but now I am getting below error message. Can you please help to understand where I made a mistake?

Hey @NavneetPanpaliya

Make WIList a variable, not an argument.

Then create an argument out_WIList and assign WIList(variable) to this!

Assign WIList(variable)=dt_WIs.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”)
Assign out_WIList(argument)=WIList(variable)

Hey I was able to resolve this issue but forgot to update it on this post. I did the same… Thank you! :slight_smile: