Level 3: Advance Training Assignment 1

Now i reach in Level 3 Assignment 1 … please tell me one thing. How to solve it… Just video of this project coding working step by step and then upload. Or other thing. Please tell me i really confused about it.

Hello @ARahman


Did you run your robot without errors? If so, just compress your project and upload it

Thanks…just compress and upload.

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" Compress your Calculate Client Security Hash workflow and upload it below.

Your results will be displayed as soon as your workflow is processed.

Evaluation criteria: Number of correct items divided by the total number of processed items.

  • Do not reset the test data if the results of your evaluation on one of the assignments are still pending!

  • When registering on http://www.acme-test.com, make sure you use the SAME email address you used to create the Academy account!"

the evaluation will be done by what the robot performed on the acme site

Please help … for execution shown WorkBook define error…