Level 1 training Lesson 4 Recording Workflows Problems running xaml from downloaded zip



I’m doing the revamped Level 1 training. During lesson 4 there is a zip file containing some xaml files with workflows covering stuff that has been done during the videos.

If I try and run the xaml I get the following message. “Error detecting project version”


The xaml file is (remember this is a download from the training materials so shouldn’t have a problem). I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the the file or somehow with my setup (although I haven’t encountered this issue previously)

Notepad.xaml (58.9 KB)

There is also a test app but as it’s an exe file I don’t think I can upload it here for you to see.

I also have an issue with one of the workflows.

First there is a workflow called "Expense app with broken selector’

The broken selector is trying to return a total value but doesn’t work because an input has been changed and so the Total is different and the selector is using the actual total value to define the element.

The fix in the video is to use the ‘Attach to Live element’ function in the Selector Editor to get Studio to generate a better selector and in the video it uses an index instead of the total value to pick the total element which works (may not be the best way as you shouldn’t really use static index values, although this hasn’t been covered in the Level 1 training revamped at this stage).

Anyway in the ‘Expense App - new selector’ workflow all that has happened to the selector is that the name value has changed from a value of 377 to 477 (the old and new total values). This isn’t a fix, as soon as another input is changed the same problem will occur.

original selector

<wnd app='expenseit.exe' cls='HwndWrapper*' title='Create Expense Report' />
<ctrl name='377' role='text' />

new selector

<wnd app='expenseit.exe' cls='HwndWrapper*' title='Create Expense Report' />
<ctrl name='477' role='text' />

selector I think should be used (having used the ‘attach to Live element’ functionality)

<wnd app='expenseit.exe' cls='HwndWrapper*' title='Create Expense Report' />
<ctrl role='text' idx='11' />

I think the idea with selectors is that you don’t use hard coded idx values (in this case 11) but I can’t remember how to work around that in this case (will have to wait until I get to the selector section in the learning materials) if anyone can enlighten me it would be appreciated as when I did the old version of the level 1 training I found the selector section quite challenging. You need to open UI Explorer and select items from the visual tree but I didn’t find the explanations very clear maybe in the revamped training it will be clearer?