Level 1 Revamped - Lesson 9 - Practice 1B



The walkthrough for Practice 1B in Lesson 9 in the Level 1 Revamped course states:

However, doing this, i get:

Shouldn’t the instructions be:

  • use Excel Application Scope
  • deselect Options > Visible
  • find and add a Read Range activity into the Do section of the Excel Application Scope


Can anyone tell me if I’m right? Or am I missing something?


Hi @ivandeca

There are two Read Range activities if you see


Use the one which is under workbook, it allows you to run the program even when excel is not installed on the system. It should be used without Excel Application Scope



Thanks @prankurjoshi!


Having different components with the same name is sometimes confusing, especially when you’re still learning …
I would have named them differently.


Hi @prankurjoshi

I’m still confused, as the video in Lesson 9 - Excel & Data Tables Part1 - Excel and Data Tables: Basic Interactions says:


Does this mean that App Integration > Excel > Read Range with the visible option unchecked is the same as System > File > Workbook > Read Range?

Or is there still a difference?


No for excel application scope excel need to be installed on the system. Visible checkbox means you can see the automaion on the screen.



Well, something went very wrong in the tutorial then …

Thanks for the explanation!


Hi @ivandeca

Thanks for pointing out, it will get fixed :slight_smile:


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