Level 1 Lesson 9 Practice 2 - Answers not working: missing or invalid activity

After downloading the answers of Level 1 Lesson 9 Practice 2 and opening it, I get the following error:

How can I solve this?

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Hi @ivandeca

This is a problem of missing project dependencies to solve it, go to manage packages and make sure you have all of these packages as you can see in the picture below,
otherwise install them:


I think I have them all:

I even updated them to the latest version, but still the same errors

Have you installed all packages??

@ivandeca Filter Data Table is missing in your workflow so you are getting this error

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Well, not ALL possible packages - don’t see the need.
But as you can see in my screenshot above, I have the 4 required packages installed and updated.


How can it be missing? I just downloaded the file and opened it. Doesn’t UiPath provide complete answers?
And if it is not in the workflow, how does UiPath know it is missing? How does it know something must be there that’s not there? I don’t get it.

@ivandeca Is it possible to attach your workflow

Yes, of course

project.json (709 Bytes)
Consolidate table _ Filter n Sort.xaml (14.0 KB)
Consolidate.xlsx (9.4 KB)
Consolidated.xlsx (2.6 KB)