Level 1 Lesson 7 Practice 1 - how to create citrix virtual machine

Hello friends,
I am trying to do Lesson 7 Practice 1 walkthrough. UiPath is installed to my office laptop. However I do not have a vm installed.
So when I am trying to follow the steps for Practice 1, instead of Citrix Recording, I am having Native Citrix recording option available.
Next problem came when it is mentioned there will be Screen Scraping Wizard, but there is no screen scraping wizard available.
What to do? How to create Citrix environment for this practice? Please help.
Thanks in advance.

That is older version UIpath studio. Now it was changed to native Citrix recording in new version.

It’s there in between Recording and Data scraping.

Thanks @lakshman for your response.

  • However as in my case UiPath is installed in my laptop but I do not have any vm installed. so Screen scraping wizard is not coming after I click on Native Citrix recording…may be I need a vm environment for that?
    Could you give me any idea of how to set up citrix environment in my office laptop?


You can try to connect with some other colleague system through Remote Desktop connection and then work with native Citrix Recording.

Thank you @lakshman

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