Level 1 Lesson 5 Practice 2 2nd Click action indicate on screen is impossible at non-english Windows

When I try to click the Font menu button in the Format menu window according to walkthrough instructions, it does not appear. Presumably because the Format menu is called “Formátum” and Font menu button “Betűtípus” in the Hungarian Notepad. (See below.) I couldn’t find a way to indicate the Font button on the screen. The manual editing of selector was the only solution.

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Buddy kindly do the following to get your issue resolved

  1. use a click activity and you will be selecting the element FORMAT
  2. once after this use another click activity to click the Font option, how…? here is your answer
    the screen will be still with no Format option listed and to get that listed to make a selection with FONT option, press F2 key that would pause the process of selection for 3 seconds, meanwhile click the format option in the menu buddy which would list you the options in it lik work wrap and font…
    so after 3 second again the selecting option will get enabled and the page now will be listed with FONT option, now you can click that Font option…
    Thats all buddy you can select the Font option in the Format option

Kindly try this and let know buddy whether this works or not
Cheers @mmatt

Hi @mmatt,

I have Created a workflow based on your requirement Hope it will resolve your Problem.

FontNotepad.zip (16.9 KB)


Hi @Mohansadaiyapillai,

I forgot to thank you. It works fine.


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Please close this topic as marked as solution @mmatt


Hi @Palaniyappan,
I forgot to thank you. I would never have thought of a pause option. But it works.


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No worries buddy
Cheers… @mmatt