Level 1 Foundation training Revamped Lesson 2 Quiz

I’m going through the Level 1 revamped training and got to the Lesson 2 Quiz.

There is one question in there that I believe is not fair/correct.


I’ve got the question wrong so I’m not giving away the correct answer.

However in studio the only workflow types that you can implement are Flowcharts Sequences and State machines (for some reason state machines are not mentioned in the end of Lesson pdf doc either). REFrameworks are not an option and they are not mentioned at all in the learning materials. (activities are obviously not a workflow type they are building blocks that are put into workflows)

I’ve already started the advanced course so I’ve seen the REFramework but the advanced course was the first time it was brought up when I went through the non revamped training material and it hasn’t been brought up at all in the revamped learning material so far. Also the REFramework as far as I concerned is basically a flowchart with various sub workflows within it to cover things like logging and working through a collection of items in a controlled manner it doesn’t seem to be a specific workflow type of it’s own. Can anyone explain to me why it is apparently according to this question.

@charliefik according to options given flowchart and sequence are only 2 types correct. Recently REFramework is also called State Machine by some since it is consists of only states there is no much difference between REFramework and State Machine. may be you must include that option also.

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Thanks for the feedback. The correct answer does include REFramework, my problem is that the quiz should be testing the material you have learnt and not some obscure naming convention that definitely has not been covered you shouldn’t have to guess the answers to get them right.

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@charliefik i understood your point, but we can’t do anything about that.