Let's rename RPA

This will be a brave idea but I believe it is a shared struggle.
The big problem with Robotic Process Automation is the “Robotic” in the name.
It is confusing for our potential clients. Or job candidates. They often mess it with real robots and machines.

What about “Computer Process Automation” ? Any other ideas?

I know that of course there will be conservative people saying it is “too late”, but if we start using it in global way… it may one day come to be a thing.
Especially if that would be supported with one of the global RPA leader - UiPath :wink: ? :slight_smile:


Whenever I tell someone I’m in Robotic Process Automation, I follow it up with “sadly, there are no actual robots.”

I suggest Digital Process Automation, if we want to change it. People tend to associate digital with “computery things” in general.


I agree with you there.

A new name sounds great, but coming up with one that sticks in the current market will be a challenge.

It has to sound transformative or else people will yawn and walk away.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K