Lesson content different from installed Studio content

Hello. I am currently studying “Build Your First Process With Studio” and in the video, the “ForEach” loop is different from the one I have open in Studio.
First there is no “for each… in …”.
Second, in the properties, there is no type argument, so I cannot choose the type “system.net.mail.mailmessage”.

Here are the screenshots of both instances:

1- Video:

2- My installed Studio:


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the lesson which we are created based on the older version of UiPath

you are using the update version of studio like 2023.6.0 or 2023.8.0,check below image you can view your version of studio

so in that there will no option of selecting the type of argument

2.in the new feature the type of argument will be automatically created based on your value like
example below i have created the output for get outlook mail messages activity
output is a collections of mail messages

hope this helps

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To clarify, this has nothing to do with the version of UiPath Studio but of the version of the activity package you are using.

If you were to downgrade UiPath.System.Activities to a lower version to ‘old style’ for each would be available again.

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I know that
if you update the studio the default dependecies will also upgraded
If you want you can downgrade the dependecies as per your requirement you can downgrade



Great :slight_smile:

Just making sure someone doesn’t go to the extreme step of updating or downgrading their entire studio instance to try to get the different activities to display.

@Jon_Smith How would one proceed to downgrade UiPath.System.Activities? I’m new at this.

If you go to ‘Manage Packages’ on the Ribbon you will be taken to the Package Manager.
In there you can see the packages your project is using, by default UiPath adds things like Ui Activities (to interact with Ui Elements), Excel activities (to interact with Excel) etc etc.

The activities you can add to you project come from these ‘packages’ and the way an activity looks and functions can depend on the version of the package you are currently using.

If you were to select the UiPath.System.Activities (where the For Each activity is) you will see a version, probably something 23.6.0 or higher. The version is based on release year (2023) then month (6 so that would be June) and then the minor version.

You can select a ‘lower’ version and downgrade to get an older version of the activity, for example if you get 22.4.3 that would be the one released in April 2024, or at least close to that date as it may be a bugfix from around that time.

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I suggest doing the free training on the UiPath Academy web site. It’ll teach you these basics.


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