Lesson 9 video append range, sort and message box is strange

at 9:22 in the video here: https://academy.uipath.com/learn/course/511/play/5261/lesson-9-excel-data-tables-part1-excel-and-data-tables-basic-interactions

it only shows the data that was there before Append Range was performed to be sorted. If you check the results.xlsx file, the appended range of cells is just appended to the bottom and not included in the sort.

This is strange because in the sequence it appends the range before the sort. I tried using the same column names for the data table we create to match the ones in the Excel file that we append to but the result is the same. Ie. the appended range is left out of the sort operation and just tacked on to the end.
How can we include the appended range in the sort?

Hi @nyck33,
It is ok. Please look that in Read Range activity the data from excel file is declared as “DT1” for the output and the Append Range activity is going after this. So your output DataTable in variable DT1 becomes form Read Range. To include appended data you could add second Read Range activity after Append Range and update output from it.

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Thanks Pablito.

For anyone interested, this one works: Main.xaml (11.6 KB)

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