Lesson 9 practice 2, UI Path Foundation Training issues

Lesson 9 Practice 2 of the UI Path Foundation Training, I have followed the walkthrough as follows
First off created the flowchart workflow, that will be organised into 2 sequences:
Sequence 1:

  1. Create an Int32 variable, called ‘index’ and assign it to ‘1’ (no quotations used) as default;
  2. Create another Int32 variable and call it ‘N’ and set it to a default of ‘3’ (no quotation used);
  3. Add sequence work flow
  4. Add ‘While’ activity
  5. Set condition as ‘index<=N’ (no quotations used)
  6. In the body of the ‘While’ add ‘Read Range’, specify file path to ‘Sample Columns.xlsx’ [full path was specified] then for ‘Sheet Name’ add: “Sheet”+index.ToString and for the Range add: “”.
  7. Next in body of ‘While’ still, add an ‘If’ and in the ‘Then’ section put a ‘Write Range’, ‘Sheet Name’ ensure it is “Sheet1”, ‘Range’ ensure it is “A1” [as per the walkthrough], table created new DataTable variable called ‘partialTable’ (no quotations used) and for the file path specify the full path for a newly created excel file called “consolidated.xlsx”.
  8. In the ‘Else’ section of the ‘If’ add ‘Append Range’ use the full path of the newly created excel file in 7. (above) ie. “consolidated.xlsx” and the ‘Sheet Name’ should again be “Sheet1” and the table should again be ‘partialTable’ (no quotations used) as in 7. (above).
  9. Add an ‘Assign’ activity outside of the ‘If’ but still in the ‘While’ and set it to ‘index = index+1’ (no quotations used)
    [NB: all ‘AddHeaders’ were ticked so please don’t tell me to try this, including in the next sequence]

Sequence 2:

  1. add ‘Excel application scope’ use the full file path of “consolidated.xlsx”
  2. add ‘read range’ (excel NOT workbook one), ‘Sheet Name’ is “Sheet1” and ‘Range’ is “”, output DataTable variable is created and named ‘consolidatedDT’ (no quotations used)
  3. add ‘Filter Data Table’ activity ‘Input DataTable’ and ‘Output DataTable’ must have the name of the new DataTable ie. 'consolidatedDT (no quotations used) variable for this sequence “consolidatedDT”, check “Remove”, “ID”<10.0 (no quotations for 10.0)
  4. add ‘Output Data Table’ activity ‘Input DataTable’ must be ‘consolidatedDT’ (no quotations used), Output variable is a string variable created and called ‘stringDT’, (no quotations used)
  5. add a ‘Message box’ and put the ‘stringDT’ (no quotations used) variable in ‘Text’.

Go back to the flowchart, sequence 2 follows sequence 1 which is connected to flowchart start node.
Run, then it carries on forever and does not display the message box. The created workbook just contains the same information as the ‘Sample Columns’ resource workbook and it seems to be stuck in an endless loop and does not timeout. Please help!

@Taariq rather than sending like this better you should share your workflow so that it would be easy to go through that,and also if you got any errors share screenshot of that,so that it would be easy to people to find it.thankyou

Main.xaml (11.9 KB)

No error messages sir, it just carries on running without end.

NB: the uploaded one now has “AddHeaders” unticked for all activities, since I was trying this method out as the original resource excel file does not have headers.
Sample Columns.xlsx (7.6 KB)