Lesson 9: Inconsistent instructions in video (error: file is being used by another process)


The video shows the “Write Range” activity is placed inside an “Excel application scope”. But in version 2016.2.6344 of UiPath Studio Community that leads to an error (file is being used by another process), because the “Write Range” activity has it’s own “WorkBookPath” argument that must be given.

The video should be updated. It is very, very frustrating when you follow the training instructions step-by-step and still get errors. Maybe there should be a robot that repeats all the steps shown in the video to detect once those instructions become outdated?



FYI there are two “Read Range” activity in UiPath Studio.

  1. First one should be placed inside “Excel application scope” activity to access it and its suitable when you have to perform multiple operation on same excle
  2. For second one you need to explicitly provide the path of workbook.Its not necesary to put inside “Excel application scope”. and it support multiple excel extension.
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Oh, that makes a lot of sense now. I didn’t realise there were two options for the activity.