Lesson 9 - Excel and Data Tables - Workflows.zip Error in downloaded xaml 'errors in the xaml'

Hi I downloaded the Lesson 9 Excel and Data Tables workflow zip file and in the Filter database flowchart there is the following message. ‘Activity could not be loaded because of errors in the xaml’

Is this just me or is the file corrupted and needs to be replaced?

Also in the Read/Write Excel File

I think this solution in thread

Hi @Chinh_Le, I tried installing all the packages (over 5 pages) I now have absolutely every package and there are no packages needing to be updated either unfortunately I am still getting the same error message.

I’m not sure if this will help but this is what I am seeing in my Output window.


Here is the xaml that I downloaded.

Main.xaml (33.8 KB)

Could anyone please open the xaml and see if they are having the same problem if so it’s likely to be the xaml rather than my setup if not it’s likely to be my configuration.

Many thanks,

i think it is error for Write Csv or Read Csv activites when ever copy the workflow one place to another palce

or activitie/packages are not installed in our studio

Thanks for the reply @rajsekhar. I had installed all available packages so I don’t think that any are missing or require updates. Did you see the same issue when you ran the xaml?

yes, i have faced this problems for CSV(Write/read) activities only, that also we copy the code one path to another apth

Thanks for confirming it’s not just me. All the best

There are still some issues with this download.
This is the errormessage I get:
Same error messages in my output window as mentioned above.