Lesson 8 Practice 2


I’m doing Lesson 8 Practice 2 in which you cycle through the contents of a drop down until you get to the state you have selected.

I think there is an issue with my code as it doesn’t select the state I enter. I think what is happening is that when the combo box is activated with the first letter of the state it should show the contents of the drop down (lets say the 8 following the selected value and then pagedown that list until it finds the value you are looking for.

However when mine runs it misses for example NY and pages down until it gets to the last item in the combo list. It may be that the combo box is not ‘opening up’ so it’s only seeing a single value in the combobox not the extended list (because if I use down instead of pagedown it hits NY however it does take a very long time to go through each item in the loop from the first N based state which is probably why the pagedown is used, but if it’s missing everything between the pages then that’s obviously not great).

I’ve tried looking at the model solution but can’t really tell where the problem is.

I’ve put break points in the exception section of the Try catch but they don’t seem to be getting hit (this code must run however as this is where the page down occurs, the break points were red circles with white diagonal lines going through them, I don’t know if that is normal or if they should be solid red haven’t done debugging yet in the course I believe that’s lesson 12)

I’ve attached the xaml in case anyone has a chance to look at this.

Main.xaml (18.9 KB)

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Hi @charliefik,

I’ve got exactly the same problem as yours (the combobox remains closed during parsing of the items). Did you get any answer or found any solution to solve the problem ?
Thanks for your reply.


Hi Pierre,

I didn’t get an answer yet unfortunately. What you can do sometimes to view a dropdown box (that has disappeared) is press F2 (after you have entered the select state where you choose what element you are going to scrape) this puts uipath into a sort of pause state for about 3 seconds where you have time to reopen whatever dropdown or popup that may have disappeared and then when the 3 secs are done it goes back into select mode (I couldn’t get this to resolve the problem for me in this case however)

If anyone has any answers to this problem please comment.

Many thanks.