Lesson 7 - practice 1 issue

Hello All,

I’m going through the academy (lesson 7, practice 1).
I stucked in the beginning:

"Select Click Text and select a box around the Email: label.
When the Screen Scraping Wizard appears, navigate to the Search Text field and type in Email .

When I’m typing Email, in Search Text the message pops up Object reference not set to an instance of an object?

Can you tell me how can I fix this?

thank you in advance

@kampro Can you send a screenshot of your workflow?

In the wizard, in the preview (press the refresh button) you will see all the text the scanner has found. If it is empty, that means the wizard could not find the target “Email”. Why that is I do not know. What worked for me was to change the ocr engine. I think Google Tesseract worked for me.

Probably lots of changes to the code underlining engines, frameworks and uipath itself since the video lectures was posted. But It is kinda annoying when you are trying to learn, especially the computer vision stuff.