Lesson 7 prac: 'for each' & 'If' statements, min and max numbers in array

I thought I was understanding the lessons and videos well until I hit this practical exercise. I had no idea, so I downloaded and copied the solution.

When I opened the downloaded project, it ran fine. But when I entered the same sequence into my own local project, I received validation errors:
Les7_Prac1_compiler error screenshot

I don’t why it works in the one project (downloaded solution) but not the other (my local copy). Any thoughts?

Did you copied solution to your project?
Because your project doesn’t have variables which are used in solution, You have to make or change variables
In your case, make a variable and set its name to array. Type will be array of something

Thanks. You were right, I hadn’t created my own variables.

Now the For Each part doesn’t seem to run. My output just lists the first number in my array as both the min and the max, without running the < or > conditional process. Any more thoughts would be appreciated.