Lesson 7 - Image Automation on Standalone Machine

Please can I simulate Lesson 7 - Image Automation using a standalone machine? If yes, please give me the steps.

I have tried using .png form and it runs without any error message but it does not enter the values in the appropriate boxes. Below are the image file and the workflow:
PHC 1A Page 14 for Image Automation.pdf (45.1 KB)

Associated workflow

@nanayaa Two questions for ya? 1st What it’s the app that you are attaching into. 2nd what are your selectors you are using?

I am trying to follow the video tutorial on Lesson 1 where a form if filled so I do not have any app nor using any Selector.

If I understand you well, it means that it is possible to do it on a standalone machine

@nanayaa What are you trying to write into? Is it a image application? Adobe? VMWare? Citrix? What type of application are you using?

I have managed to get it to work by using CommcareHq. So it did nit work first time because it was a desktop app.

Thank you

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