Lesson 6 - Practice 1 Walkthrough

I faced with difficulties, I can’t understand and so repeat this steps in the Basic Recorder:

  • In the typing menu that appears there will be a list of keys - click Back - what is mean Back key? is it Backspace?

    Back stands for backspace

    This will populate the value with [k(back)], which is a keyboard input

    Copy paste it so the value is [k(back)][k(back)] - this deletes the two letters in ‘hi’

Hey @11140

Basically it just says to select that ‘back’ option from the list. As soon as you select it, it will type [k(back)] in the input of that popup. Its more like sending a hotkey of backspace.


You can just select and reuse [k(back)] as many as needed, each set of it will do one hit of backspace. So if you have typed ‘Hi [k(back)] [k(back)]’ then it will first type ‘Hi’ and then perform 2 backspace to remove ‘i’ & then ‘H’.

Let me know if helps.

Rammohan B.