Lesson 6 part 3 tutorial

Hi, i am trying lesson 6 part 3 tutorial. As shown in the video @01:07 minutes it is shown that an automation ID is present, (in the screen shot) but when i am trying on my system i am unable to find it. In the further video the automation id is modified, to get the result.

As shown in video

As available on my screen

in the tree to left side of the uiexplorer, try to find the selector with different button elements, in any one of the value you will get what they are explaining.

Let us know if this helps
Pavan H

Nope i couldn’t find it!!!

What version of windows are you using? I am using Windows 8 and I get the same results like you. Maybe the training system was on a different version of windows hence we see the difference in the explorer.

i can find different attributes but not all, like the number pad etc… for reference what i see

Ya, i’m also on windows 8. But how to find the automation Id as shown in the video.
Did you try this exercise? i want to achieve this how is it possible