Lesson 5 - Practice 3: How do you indicate an element in a menu?



Hi guys,

I am currently doing the Lesson 5 - Practice 3, when we have been asked to indicate the Font button in the Format menu in Notepad. How do you get around doing this? When I indicate on screen, and click the Format button, the Format button would be indicated. It seems impossible for me to indicate an element in the Format menu drop down.

Thank you!.


Hey @MatthewCYLau

Just Use F2 it will give you a 3 seconds pause then just click on that format and just make hover it till 3 seconds will get end then select that.



You sir, are a legend.

Thank you!



You can indicate the Font button by using F2 button to delay the select action. Press F2, next press the Format button in the mean time a countdown will show up in the bottom right corner. After the countdown indicate the Font button.