Lesson 5 practice 2

Hi everyone in lesson 5 practice 2 I had a problem
I build everything by the walkthrough and it gave me this Error (10 times):

Scrap2.xaml: None of the overload groups have all their required/optional activity arguments configured.

thank u for the help

hi mate @dlichten
kindly check this


Kindly check once whether the activities in that xaml has been passed with all required inputs and mentione with output arguments as well…
and if there is any element to be chosen for any activities ensure tat all the activities are chosen with any elements or any selectors

Cheers @dlichten

how do I do any of these??
where and how can I fix it?

Run in debug mode so that we would be able to find at which activity we are missing the arguments to be mentioned
Cheers @dlichten

thank u very much
i managed to fix it

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