Lesson 5 - Practice 2 walkthrough


Hello, I’m more than frustrated with Uipath …in general. The videos and instructions look easy and simple but when you start doing things too many things don’t work, including the .xaml solutions for the exercises. I don’t know if the way the lessons are shown isn’t clear enough or they have missing parts in purpouse but every single lesson is a headache to make it work somehow. Am I the only one in this situation??

With this practice with notepad… I click on ‘format’ to attach the window, ok window attached. But next I must click on ‘Font’ …yes sounds easy but how am I supposed to click on ‘Font’ when the menu disappears as I go back to Uipath to add the ‘attach window’ and ‘click’ activity ??? So when I go back again to Notepad I can only click again in ‘format’ because the menu disappeared.

Thanks for any response!


@JavierGG you can press F2 it will pause for 3 seconds


Thanks @indra! ok now I can go ahead but F2 was supposed to be used with recording, the said nothing about using it out of there. How did you discover it?? I must be missing information.


Not only in record you can use outside the record also