Lesson 3 - workflows runtime execution error

Dear all, I have unexpected execution error and I really don’t know how to solve. Although I download the xaml file from UiPath RPA Academy but I still have the same problem.


I guess you have used Datatable.Select somewhere with column Age to be filtered, and it cannot find that.

Can you please describe something more or attach your workflow?


Main 2.xaml (47.0 KB)

Thanks Prankur for your support. By the way, I’ve discovered that there were spaces before Age and Income. I guess this was the issue. But when I change the income of Paul from 50k to 100k I don’t get the right answer (Paul 35 100k). D you know why?

Can you attach that CSV file as well

I did. just look at my message hier above.

I have a similar problem…

My query: names.Select(“[Club Member] = Yes”)

Return: Cannot find column[Yes].

Same as you.

Replace query by: names.Select(“[Club Member] = ‘Yes’”)

Compiled me