LESSON 3 UIDemo question No Transaction Data

First,I ran the UploadQueue.xaml,it done well just like the picture below

But when I run the Perform,it failed!
I don’t know why there’s no transaction data,any body help me?

I don’t konw why the status of the queue is in porgress?


You can try to delete this queue and create a new one status should not be In Progress.


due to status of queue items are in progress, performer is assuming there are no items to execute so it is finishing the workflow, like @PrankurJoshi suggested delete items from orchestrator queue and run dispatcher workflow again and try

I tried but still failed@prankurjoshi


if you have uploaded fresh items to queue then why status of queue items are in progress…?

after you uploaded fresh queue items whats queue status.?

Once I uploaded,the status is “In Progress”


ok, i got your problem. you are using Add Trasaction Item activity replace it with add queue item activity it will work fine.


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Thanks a lot for your help!
What a fool I am,make such mistake!

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When I test,I found that Double.TryParse(“1110”,a) got the result a=0.
What’s the problem with it?

i guess in your tryparse is failing to convert string to double, try using convert.double(variable)

I already changed it into convert.todouble(variable),I just wanna know why the tryparse failed.

even i tried, but facing same issue. it should work but not working.

better create seperate post for this, so someone who know can answer this.