Lesson 3 - Iterations - Scenarios error


First of all, I hope you can see the attached image. In the scenario instruction, when you are told to set up the Robot so that it can choose path options, when I click the radio button for “Deposit” to set it up as target and anchor, it keeps telling me “anchor not found”. It will not let me select the Deposit button as both anchor and target [which is what the video instructed]. Can anyone advise as to how I resolve this issue? I will try to explain the problem better if needed, though I am unsure exactly how.

Hi @Alexandria_Hall - an anchor is not always needed if an element can be savely identified without them.
I just took a look at the video and I think it also shows the selection without anchor.
In this case you can go with the selection that is offered and confirm it without an anchor being needed.

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Thanks for answering the question I had. However, when I confirm my selection without an anchor, this shows up [attached file, right is mine, left video]

. Will “click radio button ‘deposit’” serve the same purpose as “click ‘deposit’” does?

Hi @Alexandria_Hal, it will do the same. In the video the name of the activity was manually renamed for better understanding. If you want you can do it also by clicking on the action name.
And regarding the warning received when selecting the Deposit as target, I used as anchor, Transaction:

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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